Gigantic achieves breakthrough customer satisfaction and trust

while reducing support spend

Tymely & Gigantic Logos

Gigantic has transformed the arcade game industry by transitioning traditional claw games to an online format for 24/7 play. Players compete for real prizes, which Gigantic ships directly, including electronic accessories, headphones, watches, plushies, and other physical gifts.

Gigantic’s customer support operation must handle inquiries from its millions of online players receiving hundreds of thousands of deliveries.
In order to cut turnaround time and cost per ticket, Gigantic added Tymely’s AI rep to its online customer support experience.

Key Results

40x faster

full resolution time

70% reduction

in cost per ticket

Providing customers with

24/7 support

Felix Leshno
Thanks to Tymely we now only need half the CS team, and our resolution times are 40x faster!

Tymely is giving our customers the best service while providing us
 with valuable data. 

Oren Kramer