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Finally, an AI for eCommerce customer support inquiries that works with human-level accuracy

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Can AI truly handle your support inquiries?

Thanks to our cutting-edge AI-Human hybrid technology, we’ll handle your support inquiries in minutes, provide empathetic and accurate service, and turn each customer to a promoter.

100% Accuracy Guaranteed

Our native English-speaking customer-service experts verify each AI-generated response and add their human touch. This results in the empathetic and high-quality support that your customers dream of.

Easily Handle Surges

Scale up and down instantly, Easily control the amount of tickets handled by us. No agent training & onboarding required. No complicated processes. Simply pay per resolution.

20 Minutes First Resolution Time, 24/7

Surprise your customers with a timely service 24/7. We guarantee an average of 20 minutes First Resolution Time

Customer Service Visibility

Our AI will alert you on emerging issues that would have gone unnoticed, allowing you to address them before they impact more customers.

Automatic Integrations To All Your eCommerce Systems

Hyper-personal responses

Deliver bespoke response tailored to each inquiry, according to your policy and brand’s voice, instead of common templates that just don’t cut it.

How it works

We build your service flows

At Setup, we take care of loading all your customer service flows, according to your policy and requirements.

We handle & act upon 80% of your tickets

We connect to your existing ticketing system and automatically detect the tickets you’d like us to handle.

We send a detailed response to the customer and take the necessary actions, such as refund or exchange, handling your tickets end-to-end.

Human Verification

Our experts verify the AI’s response and actions on each and every one of your tickets before they get sent out, in order to assure 100% accuracy and customer satisfaction.


“Our CSAT jumped 15 points instantly.

Customers simply love the exceptional response time and the quality of service.”

Omer Enbar, Managing Director, Sensibo

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Privacy Policy

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